Thursday, March 06, 2003

Before I Forget Again:

On Monday, I went with my friend Molly (who always knows about cool events) to hear Sarah Vowell speak at Randolp-Macon College. Her recent piece, from her newest book, on being a civics geek and "partly cloudy patriot" on This American Life had me laughing and smiling knowingly. So did her remarks at the college up the road. The Q&A session opened with "Have you been asked to guest host for Letterman yet?" which set us off at a great pace. To the dutiful "how did you get on This American Life?" Vowell told about being acquainted with Ira Glass and telling him a story he thought was funny. "By accident," was the gist; she never really planned her career the way one is supposed to, she admitted. That's the kind of role model I like! Following a thread of what historic sites she saw while in Virginia ( The MOC ), we all encouraged her to get to Hollywood Cemetery next time, and shouted out names of who is buried there. Only in Richmond? You decide.

On Tuesday, I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at the Byrd. I picked up a flyer about the fund raising campaign in celebration of its 75th anniversary year. For a $500.00 donation, you can get your name on a plaque on a seat. I guess you should click on the Foundation e-mail address on their web site and ask for more details if you have the spare cash.

Yesterday, I substituted in the clinic at a middle school. Things operate about like the Pill Box at camp, so I had no trouble. One difference dismayed me a little. They do not keep standing over the counter meds like tylenol: if you have a headache (or cramps) tough it out. On the one hand, as the part-time clinic assist and I discussed, should kids learn to look for a magic solution to every butterfly in the tummy, every tired head? On the other hand, if the medicine is know to be safe and effective for people their age, why withhold it from a 6th grader with his face drawn with pain and a tiny tear on his cheek?

I also attended a strategic planning committee meeting at RPL and Maggi’s stitch-n-bitch, where the crowd remains devoted to, FYI.

Today, I am goofing off.
Capital City weather: 50ish and muggy; yesterday we hit 71 degrees.

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