Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Today James Lileks mentions Richmond's own Sauers. He links to the spice company's own page. Alas, neither Sauers itself nor any other site I could find features the beloved Vanilla sign, so I had to be a geeky fan and write and describe it. Nah, I guess if I were really geeky, I'd own a digital camera.

The forsythia along 195 have begun to bloom. It's cold and cloudy today, though.

At today's Friends of the Library meeting, we heard from our peers at the library Foundation about how well they are doing raising funds for major renovations. In a handful of years, we should have a swell, spiffed-up place. (Those renderings look better in person.)

Mark the Friends' book sale on your calendar: April 4 - 5, Main library.

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