Saturday, March 21, 2009


Way back in 2006, Stephen Abram wrote about 43 tech things to try. This in turn inspired a library system in North Carolina to train its staff in 23 tech things to keep folks up-to-date. In 2007-08, I made doing 10 or so of their 23 things part of my work goals, and kept very brief blog notes about it.

Sadly, no patron ever asks for help starting a blog, or doing a mash-up, or joining Flickr or Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes, the tools suggested in these trainings have behind the scenes applications, such Delicious bookmarks for use at whatever reference desk I am on, or a blog for ref desk staff to leave each other notes. (The former is used only be me, the latter started strong but faded.)

This year is my library system's year for 2.0 training and I started out as that pill who said, "I know all of this, can I test out?" But then I shaped up and got in the team player mode. This past week I pushed myself far into the optional part of the training and did a teeny tiny podcast of the sort I would love to have library teens do. Since I had some trouble understanding all the things I needed to know and do to make it work, I am rather proud of myself.

I am trying not to let the fact that I have yet to conquer the movie-making software the county bought bring me down. After all, maybe some teens won't be camera shy and we can do Minute Critic type reviews, too!

At the Byrd on Friday: The General and a great Wurlitzer concert (a Theatre Organ Society event)
Read: Cairo: A Graphic Novel, a great, well-told story of adventure and mysticism (language and violence warning)


Scott said...

What movie making software do they want you to use? I'm with Henrico county schools and have been lucky to do video on an apple computer for them.

Lisa said...

It's called Pinnacle. There's a "tutorial" on their website that's marginally helpful.

Josh said...

Your podcast was wonderful! Short, but wonderful. You sound like you're someone who belongs on NPR, slummin' it in a podcast.

These teens don't know what kind of help they're missing.

Lisa said...

Aww, an NPR sound? Thanks, what a nice thing to say! Listening to your various video postings, I hear that Chicago-hipster-nerd sound and imagine you must hang out with Ira Glass all the time.