Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birding - James River Park, Wetlands

wood duck
red-shouldered hawk
bald eagle
mourning dove
pileated woodpecker
common flicker
red-bellied woodpecker
yellow-bellied sapsucker
downy woodpecker
eastern phoebe
american crow
blue jay
carolina chickadee
tufted titmouse
carolina wren
american robin
hermit thrush
yellow-rumped warbler
pine warbler
white-throated sparrow

Watched: Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night (About call centers in India. Very interesting.)


spunkyp said...

This afternoon, my neighbor showed me his digital shots of our red shouldered hawks mating...

Creepy in a way, but we are such geeks about watching them, we end up in each other's yard with binoculars. (They have their nest in our back yard this year!)

Man, I miss the James R. so much...thanks for the awesome list. You know I live vicariously through them. :)

dingbatspunkyp said...

Uh, okay, based upon re-read, it sounds like my *neighbors* have a nest in my back yard. (I for one would freak if that were the case.) In actuality, my neighbors are happy in their house--the red shouldered HAWKS have a nest in my back yard! ;)

Lisa said...

Spunky, I was pretty sure that Carolinians don't nest, but hawks do. ;-)

On a warm day about 2 weeks ago, one of our ITers and I had lunch at the lib's picnic table, and we spotted what seemed to be young red tails mating. But the "nest" seems to be in too small a tree, and too low, and we haven't seen them again. All of which made us think they were first years (or whatever that Sibleys phrase is), not really ready to raise young.