Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nate and Emily

Cool Coworker drew my attention to this boingboing item on Emily the Strange. After finding a copy of Nate the Great Goes Under Cover "hiding" on the book-with-audio rack, I took it over to two high school seniors I know.

Does this picture remind you of anything?

- Yeah, isn't that, what's her name? Emily?

Got it in one.

Our only Emily the Strange book doesn't have that picture featured on bb; and, it doesn't circ much. We're more about Spider-Man and InuYasha, here.


john said...

very cool

our son is a big fan of Nate the Great but prefers the A to Z Mystery series (we've read them all...)

kids today :)

Lisa said...

Kids today, with their mystery stories, hula-hoops, comics, rock-n-roll, and internets. In my day, you had to walk up hill (both ways) just to see a computer.