Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Awesome Word!

I'm going to start using the word "loungerie" tonight! Etymology: this ad.

I have a swell vintage velvet item that might be a dressing gown, but also might be an opera coat. I often spoil myself and wear it as a robe, but sometimes I feel bad for treating such a pretty thing so casually. And I have a terry robe that's nice after showering, but it's too bulky for lounging. So I lounge in an MHC sweatshirt or an ancient chamios shirt over PJs. Since the latter is lavender, it kinda-sorta has the feel of the swingy little robe in that ad. I would love to find a little robe like that! At the least, I can start calling a chamios shirt-over-pajamas my loungerie.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

Do my waffle pants count as "lougerie"? Man, I hope so!!!

Lisa said...

You know it!! Also, the frog pants. . . .

LisaBe said...

waffle pants? frog pants? i don't know. i might have to call favoritism on that one.

i'm not actually sure that i *do* have any loungerie. i tend more toward loungerslob. i may have to go find a pretty robe like that. i fancy myself having that life.

Daniel said...

FEE: I am not entirely sure that I want to know about your waffle pants. However, since I intend to invade my favorite city again soon, I may see them. Please advise.

L: "Loungerie???"
do you, perhaps, mean "lingerie?"

I delve, here, into my past as an employee of the second-best department store on earth. (The first, of course, being Miller and Rhoads).

The word is correctly pronounced in English as "lonzheree" but is usually pronounced as "lonzheray." It refers to items of a lady's attire which, shall we say, are not seen by the general public but which, under certain circumstances, might be seen by men that the lady likes very well. These items were once seen quite regularly on the screens of the Colonial and the Loew's.
I think that, as a rule, this sort of attire is known as "loungewear" for men, and for ladies, in French as "lingerie."

REF: "The Smiling Lieutenant," which would have played at Loew's.

Lisa said...

Dan, click on the link. An item that looks to be a cross between a car coat and a robe is touted as "loungerie."

I like that the word doesn't sound as flirty as "lingerie" -- nor like a euphemism for "sweatpants with a dumb print pulled on by frat boy/Joe six pack when going to Kroger on Sunday to pick up supplies to watch the big game."

Something about those pajama-sweatpants worn in public really rankles me. Is it too much to ask that you actually get dressed before leaving the house?