Friday, December 05, 2008

Good ol Ed Slipek has written a nice sketch of some of Capital City's early 20th century literary figures. It's a great refresher on -- or introduction to -- Cabell, Glasgow, and Freeman. Alas, I was unimpressed with how he got us there.

Looking for Cabell at VCU's bookstore? Come on, you can do better than that. If Southern Lit isn't being taught this semester, they won't have it. Or, if you must make the point that "these folks aren't Popular or Classics," okay, but don't give the impression that a reader can't get a hold of these works. WorldCat is offering 1330 copies (78 different editions) of Jurgen! Don't want to request a copy via inter-library loan, or renew your borrowing privileges at the City library or a handful of local academic collections? Why not read something by Cabell online, at Project Gutenberg?

I'd also encourage Slipek to broaden his horizons on contemporary local authors. Wolfe and Cornwell are all very well and good, but where's that favorite Richmond author of so many of my patrons, Nikki Turner?


Daniel said...

Now, now! you must remember that Mr. Slipek is an old friend of mine, and that he is responsible for my possession of a set of really cool aluminum iced-tea "glasses." He also understands the perfection that was the Colonial. (But then after all these years, I wonder if he remembers the naughty boy who lived in the Jackson?)
Now, my take on this particular issue:
Our bloggeress speaks truth. Why search for this material at the VCU bookstore? Hey, people, there's this big building on Franklin street? And it totally has books? EVERY Richmonder should be familiar with the works of Cabell and Glasgow, but if they're not, VCU isn't the logical and immediate source. The good ol' Dooley Library houses a wealth that most of the City ignores.
Just because I love to do this sort of thing, I propose a toast to the Dooleys and their Norfolk & Western RR. If, in the next 24 hours, anyone can answer this question--my entire 11th grade gets five bonus points towards their quarter grade...
What was Sallie May Dooley's favorite bird?

Lisa said...

I'll e-mail you my bird guess.