Friday, August 01, 2008

Something I Noticed

I use LibraryThing to help me remember YA books I've read. As I added Stoner & Spaz, I noted that a modest 139 other users have it. I skimmed down the rest of the screen and saw that ReShonda Tate Billingsley's With Friends Like These appears in only 11 other LT libraries.* At my lib, Stoner has circ'ed 11 times (since 11/02); across three copies of With Friends (one owned since May 07), we've had 17 check-outs.

I guess it's partly audience and partly the fact that Koertge is a more established writer. Based on the crowd Billingsley drew to one of our libraries lately, she should be appearing on LibraryThing -- and elsewhere! -- in the years to come.

*I went back to add "LT" ; WorldCat shows it in 323 other library collections.

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