Monday, June 02, 2008

Reunion Part 1

So much happens in twenty years: births and deaths; marriages-divorces-new marriages; careers are launched, impressive new titles bestowed, careers are changed up (several times). Yet, MHC Class of '88 seemed remarkably the same. Even women whose names I never really knew looked much the same: Over there, by Whosit -- the blonde? She looks just the same, only with lines at the corner of her eyes. (Many of us have new lines on our faces and white in our hair, and that's okay.) I'd know her anywhere as a classmate, even though I can't think of her name.

The first classmate I spotted was hot off the road from her drive up from Maryland. SS live in North Rocky, too, freshman year, and we were bio lab partners. Her kids must have been angels for the long drive, because she jumped out of the car fresh and spunky as ever! I had just negotiated my way into two rooms in Torrey because, the alumnae association staffer said, most families have no trouble sharing a dorm room with their children, so of course we had been assigned one room -- I felt less than spunky.

Our Torrey rooms were a let down -- the furniture looked like crap. The rooms always look grim when empty; no matter how often you repeat this, it's hard to be prepared. Luckily, class headquarters was Ham Hall, so we got out of the dorm quick, and strolled just up the hill for a drink.

We saw Sheree there.

Our next stop was town. (What did we say, back in the day? I'm going: Uptown? Into town?) We visited the Odyssey, and found the restaurants packed with people who had made graduation weekend - reunion weekend reservations. . . . We got back in the car and found some pizza.

Saturday, of course, is all about the Laurel Parade (click here for history of).

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