Saturday, June 07, 2008

Librarian Girl has a standard speech for us, when, like athletes, we have microphones thrust at us:

Well we started out strong today with a string of reference questions answered but then a committee meeting came up and we just lost our footing for a moment but we recovered during lunch when my salad was full of crispy postivity. We dodged some dicey situations in the afterschool hours and could have given up but we came through and finished clean with a batch of new books and some witty repartee. Peace.

While that does sound like a typical day, my Friday was quieter than typcial:

A specific book on Alzheimer's? No; we'd be glad to ILL it.

My coworker handled the woman who wanted to know if her email would still be "on the screen" from yesterday. She hadn't written it down and need to know what it was to get back to the job application site. . . .

I enjoyed seeing a Teen Advisory Board "grad" back home for the summer from her Ivy League school

At 35 minutes until closing a mom and a toddler came in: They needed books on topics like No Hitting and Sharing Is Nice.

Additional Reading: Zenith has a nice article on the history of the television remote, here.

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