Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In the Stacks

I worked only half a day yesterday so I could take the Teen to the orthodontist. During the drive to the suburbs, I wasn't feeling chatty, but she hates silence in the car. She likes to mimic my typical questions and, so often asks what I did at work.

"Mostly, signed up people for computer classes. Registration for July classes opened this morning. And tried to explain meeting room reservation rules. Oh, I did help a woman find a novel by Nicholas Sparks."

I did not mention to Teen that both copies of the book seemed to have sand trapped in their covers. People: Just because the book is set on the Outer Banks, it does not mean you need to take it there and incorporate it into your sand castle. (More on Rodanthe, NC: live image, here and text info, here.)

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scott said...

I really enjoy when you recount the tasks you undertake and the questions you get when you are at work!