Friday, October 19, 2007


Because I am still waiting for a City inspector (and wondering if I used the automated system correctly to request an inspection date), I am wandering the internets finding interesting things to share. Such as:

- One librarian reflects on search engines and patrons and makes excellent point that "... the goal of the search tool is to show ads..."

- Here's the website of an artist whose work is at Davis & Main, now. I like photorealism. As I explained to Teen, "I think that's what that style is called, but some artists take the word as an insult," the bartender quietly slipped us the artist's business card. Mr. Pritchett embraces the term.
I recently saw typical Fan Eatery Davis & Main blurbed somewhere as a respectable local spot for -- what phrase was it? For grown ups. Settled people. It's not a bar, as the old joke with some camp friends goes. It's not a place for 20-somethings to Meet and impress each other -- though of course the massive c.1900 bar (genuine? repro? I don't know) makes its presence felt. Being a non-bar makes it feel appropriate to bring the Teen; but I am not saying it's a Family Restaurant, because, you know, there's no Kids' Menu.

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