Saturday, October 27, 2007

About Town

On the way to a work function in the East End, we took 20 minutes to pop into the newly-restored Henrico Theater. It's a very sympathetic transformation of the 1938 deco movie house into a 21st century live-production stage. Click here for one article and a good slide show.

Tomorrow afternoon, Capital City Parks and Rec will hold an open house at the Pump House. Awesome.

The theme for tonight's Halloween Party is "Club Havana." The invitation featured this picture, we're dressing more as the middle-America tourist couple. . . .


Daniel said...

OORAH!!! (pardon me as I channel my inner Marine.) The Henrico lives again! It is one of the most beautiful Deco theatres ever built--and, yes, I do include the rather overblown Oakland Paramount. My fondest Henrico Theatre memory, though? Peeing in the sink because the toilets were overflowing. Hell, I've gone through much worse in the interest of a beautiful movie house. (Don't ask what I did to see the inside of the Capitol in Portsmouth.)

Lisa said...

They plan to have live shows and whatnot (think county rec department). In February, I believe, there will be a classic movies series.