Monday, September 03, 2007

Ups n Downs

Enjoyed catching up with the G-Gs, of Boston, and other Val pals a week ago.

Brought down by this website that gathers prices of for-sale houses. Can we afford a slightly bigger house in our approximate neighborhood? Not right now.

Brought way up by canoing and birding at York River State Park yesterday!

The forecast called for clear and low 80s, so I said, Let's go hiking. Phiance said, No way: kayaking! So we compromised on canoing. (I can't get over the Girl Scout-y hang up that I should learn how to do something before I just hand over some money and say, Sure, we'll take a kayak for four hours.)

We canoed out to the York River, then back up into the windy, tidal, fiddler-crab laden creek on the property, and had a floating lunch. From the canoe we saw only a few birds, so after returning it, we followed a short trail in the woods and spotted a nuthatch, redstarts, and a pileated, among others. We had such a good time, we finally got these passports to help us keep track of where we've been -- and earn some cool trinkets.

Counting down to the wedding.

Looking up movie times to go see Stardust.

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