Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Friends Teach You New Tricks
(I Hope)

Okay, thanks to peer pressure from Vampire Librarian, I am joining LibraryLinks. I think I figured out how to get Flickr to host the LibraryLinks logo and how to write the html for that. The list of participants (which was just cut-n-paste) looks kind of weird on Firefox. I'll have to open Explorer and see if it's better that way.

By the way, the VL has two interesting links to stapler sites. I thought our patrons take their right to staple seriously: others have whole wikis devoted to the subject. For the record, at my branch we let them staple, have a paper clip or two in moderation, borrow the scissors, borrow pens, and take some tape. I get a little begrudging about highlighters and white-out. Sometimes pens don't come back, but then again, so many are left behind, we're Even Steven.

Random Question: If "metadata" is data about data, what's a blog about blogging?

Capital City weather: hot, humid, drought-like. Have I made the joke about September being the fourth month of summer, lately?
On the Muzak at Ukrop's: "Voices Carry"
At the Byrd: Johnny Depp as Pirate, III


Vampire Librarian said...

[[[div style="border: 1px solid; width:155px;

height:230px; text-align:left; overflow:auto;

font-size:12px; font-family:Trebuchet

MS, sans-serif; font-weight:normal;


[[[script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"




Vampire Librarian said...

When I look at Librarylinks on your page in IE or Firefox, I can't see the list because the text is white on white background.

The code above (after changing the triple brackes to < will make the list have the same color design as your blog. I also adjusted the font size to 12, though you can fiddle more with it.

Also remember to send CL an email to get you on the list.

I'm glad you took the plunge!

Lisa said...

Just before it was time to come back to the desk, I figured out it's the colors, and tried to replace the only color code I saw. I'll take a look at your suggestion when I get a longer pause in desk action.

Lisa said...

Yay! Thanks, VL!