Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Though they lost Thursday night, when we went, the RBraves took their division's wild card offer and became Governor's Cup champs! The Braves and Bulls both played well, with some excellent defensive pitching -- until our starting pitcher, throwing a perfect game, was pulled for a weak relief pitcher. Apparently, we get to blame the big Braves and a pitch-count rule they impose on their AAA team.

I remember dinging the 1994 race being surrounded by fair-weather fans who barely knew how the game is played. It really annoyed me. This year, our seats were on the upper section, but at the rail and aisle, so that cut that sort of thing way down. Some loud girl behind us did tell long stories that made her giggle at herself about how anyone who has ever been her roommate has been "engaged in, like, six months." But after a while, she and her gals moved back a few rows.

Meanwhile, a season ticket-holding source reports this from the box seats:
"We haven't been here all year" (why the **** not?)
"Do they play nine innings?" (No. It's like little league, they only play six)
"They really missed the boat, not building the new stadium in Shokoe Slip. It wouldn't have cost the city hardly anything." ( Grrr)

Now the RBraves take on a team from Sacramento for an IL champion title.

Entertainment Page

Having wrapped up our observation of Summer of Shell, we found September wanting for a theme. We've gone with the less catchy "Hitchcock Movies the Teen Really Should See."
-North by Northwest was a little less plodding than I remembered.
-I adore Rear Window, and the jaded NextGen kid definitely got into it by the end, shouting at Grace Kelly to "get out, get out!" when she's in the murderer's apartment. But can we talk about Miss Kelly's clothes? Wow.
-This past Sunday, we watched The Birds. Eeeee. That's about as tension-filled a movie as I can take! I am not a fan of scary movies. Some of the bird screeches are really terrible, not at all convincing -- but that fluttering, especially at the end, is right on! Eeeew! Don't open that door!! The Teen liked this one, too, I think, but as a big watcher of Animal Planet and the like she wanted to know why the birds were acting like that, "what's wrong with them?"

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Friday said...

Sigh. I'm bummed for the DBulls, but I guess I can't be too sad, given that it's the Braves they lost to. Happy Autumn!