Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday At the Ref Desk

- The small triumph of looking to see if we had a Complete Works, or some such, for Oscar Wilde, so that the summer reading list-wielding teen didn't have to wait for The Importance of Being Earnest to come from an area library. We certainly did. With perhaps 100 items in the table of contents, I can see why every title wasn't added to the catalog record.

- Whattaya mean I have to do the Events Submission Proofing Checklist because the boss is on vacation? I am a good paper pusher and the thing makes no sense.

- Got a thought-provoking e-mail to our LibManager address. Why do hard questions come when the boss is gone?

- An ongoing struggle to describe the part of the county in which new library lies.

- Sign you up for a computer class? Sure. I'll log into the program while you find your library card.

- Two calls: the meeting room reservation system did not send me a confirmation e-mail like it always does. Did you deny my reservation? Um, no. I'm putting in a work order, now, to figure that out.

- By noon, I had set up the teen treasure hunt and tested it with Sweet Homeshooler. By 4:00, two or three other kids had played! By 4:30, someone had taken down the large paper gold star and its clue. Fathead. Can I go home, now?

Reading: The Yiddish Policemen's Union.

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