Monday, July 30, 2007

I Still Miss WorldCup

When I bought this house, I told the agent my goal was to be within about 6 blocks of the art museum, WorldCup, and/or the Byrd Theatre. And I am. That, plus the rapid boutique-ification of Carytown, makes ours "officially" a walkable neighborhood, according to these folks. (Actually, it's the B+ score, "very walkable," not the top "walker's paradise.")

They have various sound disclaimers and reminders, including the fact that businesses may have closed or opened. Rostov's still appears in my list as the nearest coffee shop, though they moved nearly a mile away. I never visited "Wired," which filled WorldCup's Robinson St. shop, and it closed once that Starbucks opened in the old Fan Market.

Way more markets appear on the list than I'd have considered -- they're mostly corner markets in what I consider other neighborhoods. Except for Tokyo Market, none seem to be the fancy grocery - gourmet-to-go places that have popped up (then popped out) over the past 10 years or so.

Oh, and libraries are one one of the key amenities the program considers. Yay!

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