Monday, October 30, 2006

My Fellow Virginians

Have you studied for the election? Why the heck not?! Go to the Virginia State Board of Elections : CandidatesList site to see what will be on the ballot.

We missed both Governor Kaine and candidate Webb at the India Festival yesterday (P needs to go both days, I learned), but that timing allowed for the zen moment of a Sunday afternoon knock on the door that I answered. I almost didn't answer: bound to be about church, or the election, and having enjoyed a very good party the night before, I was in no mood for either. Luckily, it was Dan, enroute home from homecoming and needing a stiff glass of iced tea.


cnb said...

Would you Virginians please stop running your Webb and/or Allen ads on Maryland television!

There is nothing I can do about Allen being a stupid racist buffoon, or Webb being a Reagan conservative in democrat's clothing. Besides, I'm having a hard enough time trying to stomach the ads from our own buffoon senators (Messrs. Michael Steele (R) and Ben Cardin (D)). Talk about mudslinging!!

These ads are disturbing my quality tv time watching "Dancing with the Stars" so please cease and desist immediately so that I can go back to blissful ignorance of metro area problems.

Lisa said...

Dude, I was trying to get away from those two by opening this week's New Yorker and there they were, again!

Anonymous said...

:-P to the lot of you!

I caught all the interesting VA Dems stumping for Webb yesterday, and Barack Obama to boot!

Rock-Star politics roolz!

(But seriously, it was pretty cool. The man actually seems to have a clue.)