Friday, October 20, 2006

Local News

I didn't focus in on coverage of the President's visit to Richmond -- to fund-raise for our dufus junior Senator -- until I saw the feel-good piece on channel 6 about his stop at the produce stand near Phiance's old apartment, to buy "an 8 pound pumpkin for the First Lady." I think WCVE's local news coverage gave a few generic sentences like, "he attended a fund raiser for 250 people at the Science Museum of Virginia." Only WRIR gives a clue that there were protesters.

Ah, no, here's AP coverage on channel 6's website of protesters. I missed all the action as author Elisa Carbone spoke at our area library. At first, I thought the large crowd of middle schoolers and their grown ups were there for the extra-credit, only, but once she got going, the youngsters were engaged and eagerly answered the questions she asked about Jamestown.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

Also on the same said radio station (which rules), "Democracy Now!" w/ Amy Goodman, a national show out of CA (I think), reported that there were 2000 protesters there.
Wow, the news here IS like Pravda!

Georgi said...

There were quite a few protestors out there and I think we got our point across. Not surprised that the RTD or the local news did not cover it. BTW - test taking will be in the next week or two. Any times better for you?