Friday, October 06, 2006

Life in the South

Exhibit 1
Here's the R&D conversation I imagine:
Q: What does the South run on?
A: College sports and air conditioning.
Q: Can we combine the two, somehow?
A: You bet.

Exhibit 2
The University of Mississippi dedicated a civil rights monument last week.

Exhibit 3
Capital City's Willow Lawn turns 50.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

Willow Lawn 50 = I got the tee shirt! Yeah!

Daniel said...

If I must be dragged kicking and screaming into the Huggybear Age, in which even Richmond must be politically correct, I wish that the city would tear down the farcical Arthur Ashe monument and put up a statue of Maggie Walker, who actually DID something.

Willow Lawn is 50!!! three cheers for Wonderful Willow Lawn, and a moment of silence, if y'all will, for Amazing Azalea...

cnb said...

I think for all the moolah I spent at the various stores in Willow Lawn I deserve a t-shirt!

Plus Willow Lawn has a DQ! :-)

Blizzards and huzzahs all around!

Daniel said...

Once upon a long-distant time, when the Jackson still afforded cheap but fashionably-addressed housing for me and our hostess' brother, I was soundly ridiculed because I expressed the intent to walk over to the Broad street DQ to--I quote myself--"get me a Blizzard." Damn American English, for not recognizing a reflexive verb!

Wait, is there really a T-Shirt? Don't y'all mess with me, now--if there's a Willow Lawn t-shirt, I want it! Get me one! Sell your firstborn!

Lisa said...

Sorry, y'all: the t-shirts were available for free from, like, 10-11 last Saturday. P got one, but I was working.