Thursday, July 27, 2006

Possibly, my definition of "interesting" has changed. I haven't written about interesting library happenings lately, and it may be because I have tightened my definition. The very sharp nine or ten year old girl who spent an hour or more with us yesterday morning should count. She wore her new keytag card with her house key on a lanyard around her neck; she asked great questions and learned from what I showed her about finding books.

One of my so-called Conspiracy Theory Guys has signed up for an Excel class and keeps wearing a Nanci Griffith concert shirt, so I may have to rename him and/or strike up a conversation about Nanci. Furthermore, he never tries to launch the Internets from an OPAC any more. Maybe I am not changing, the patrons are??

Mr. You Have a Name showed up the other night. Did I mention that, like Ford Prefect, he not only doesn't blink enough, but "his skin seem[s] to be pulled backward from his nose," too? This week, he urged me to walk the shelves and count how many books were about murder and mayhem, because I'd see that it's a majority. I talked about balancing the collection, and for once was glad that our reader's advisory bookmarks are by the other end of the floor, because that way we could move closer to the door and wind up the conversation. I think he took "gentle reads."

We've been struggling with noise at our branch. We've had people complain about being shushed, and we've had people complain that it's too loud and the staff never does anything. (You recall of course "Bart the Genius" defining a paradox? If not click the title and ctrl-F "paradox.")

Maybe I do live in interesting times, after all. Maybe I have been too lazy to write about it.

Capital City weather: hot and hazy

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