Wednesday, July 12, 2006


At closing time yesterday, my esteemed colleague noted, "You don't want to start off not believing them, but it goes faster if you do."

Capital City weather: hot, hazy


Vampire Librarian said...

Hi Lisa, I wanted to make sure you got my reply to your comment so you'll be able to explain this to the patron:

The patron is clearly confused, and I wonder if his dog is even trained for this since he doesn't know the difference, but what he really means is the Chihuahua is a therapy dog. They are not service dogs, and are not allowed automatic access to buildings. They must be invited to bring the dog in.

Here's a good blurb exlaining the difference.

Anonymous said...

Would our hostess care to elaborate at all? I, for one, am a bit confused. (I do know a good joke about dogs though...)

Lisa said...

CB, it's a reply to something I posted on Vampire Librarian's blog about dogs in the library.

Maggi said...

Hi Lisa ~ early birthday best wishes, as we are off to NC this afternoon. Love the photo below; hope you can stop by & stitch August 1 ~