Thursday, August 03, 2006


When I first heard that someone wanted to dig the train out of the Church Hill tunnel, I said, "Why?" Here's a Style backpage from a man who agrees. See also information I put together for a Valentine Museum event, here (scroll down a little; sorry there aren't better internal links).


Daniel said...

Yeah, I'm still not sure about the digging-the-engine-out thing. It's sort of a landbound version of raising the Titanic. That thing has been down there since 1925. It is the grave of an unknown number of men. Given the instability of the earth that caused several collapses, ultimately the cataclysmic one of 1925, it also doesn't seem like a very SAFE idea. Digging the thing out could be perilous to the excavation/recovery crew--who, granted, know what they're potentially in for--but also for the innocent denizens of Church Hill, who simply want a pretty house with a good address and didn't ask anyone to start digging underneath their homes.
The effort, I'm afraid, smacks of sensationalism and a desire to capitalize upon tragedy. Let the tunnel remain a crypt for the unfortunates who died within it, and keep it sealed for the safety of those who've followed.

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...
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Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

My initial reaction was, "Hey, that would be great!" But then thinking on it a bit, I have come to the same conclusion. Why?

I think I know the VHS reason: they want a big ole engine outfront or back of the new wing.

If anything I think the location should be kept up better. Yes, the keystone 1925 at the mouth of the tunnel is a haunting image, particularly when it's hidden among the overgrowth of weeds as it has been until recently. I would rather see the area turned into a small park, with photos propped on signage a la Tredegar or something. Why not? The picture of the aquaduct overlooking Captial Hill is great. Keep them buried there with lots of posted info of the catastrophe. The alure that "the dead lie just beyond this filled entrance" might make people more interested in the sight as well.

Before a brief time ago, it was overgrown and practically fallen the way of legend. Now it's got the spotlight on it again, this time let's at least insure that the location is kept honored.