Monday, April 10, 2006

What's That Smell?

Did I ever tell you about the body spray incident at B Middle School? As my days subbing dwindled, I got a gig filling in for a 6th grade art teacher. One block, we had a bout of 21st century highjinx. (Recall for a moment the highjinx of yore: "Let's all drop our textbooks on the floor at 10:25!" or "Every 5 minutes, someone get up to sharpen your pencil!") At B.M.S., some boys sprayed into the air one of those body sprays they're selling these days to boys aged 13 to 16, the ones with ads that promise the boys they will attract hot 20-year old women with this product. This had happened to me ar R Middle before, so I went with the Ignore It strategy. But one creative little SOB at B added to it, "Augh! That stink has triggered my asthma! Ugh! Ugh! Send me to the clinic!"

This item (thanks, CNB) on student fragrances from the Boston Globe focuses on the popularity of such products, and the fact that scents do genuinely make some people ill. All good stuff, but what of fragrance as a tool of distraction?? C reports that the young men at her D.C. high school are drenched in the stuff.

For those of you into photography, art, or odd things, I offer CNB's pal and the camera truck. Gee, C, maybe it's time you got your own blog!


Daniel said...

Ugh, if I never smell AXE again, I'll be perfectly happy. Really, it doesn't smell too bad, but unfortunately my male students believe that not only a)20 year old chicks will dig them but that b)AXE precludes the need to shower.

Lisa said...

And c) there's no such thing as Too Much.

cnb said...

Mmmm, how I love the smell of AXE in the morning. I must be back from spring break.

Actually, Jason bought himself some AXE body gel (some of you may know this product by its other name, liquid soap), and it doesn't smell too bad. The best part is the title - "Snake Peel"! Yeah, baby!

I'm still working on a title for my blog. I can't face the idea of having some cheezy name, like "Carrie's Comments" or "Carrie's Corner", or something stupid like that. Once we have the good title then we start the blog. Plus, I enjoy the witty repartee on CCD, not sure I could duplicate that at "Nattering North's Notes". Hmmm, that's not a bad name...