Friday, April 21, 2006

Second Hand

At a Goodwill in the West End: that odd feeling that there was something else there with my name on it; I left with only a copy of Hoot, for work. The clerk was very perky for a rainy morning.

At Chop Suey Books: a Library patron who recognized me and said he remembered how helpful I was; a tempting mid-century Peterson's birdbook, the one with the plates annoyingly separate from the text; the black-and-white editions of Bone; a gift for my sweetie; and the 4-in-1 Hitchhikers series so I can toss my dissolving paperbacks (and, it turns out, gain about .75 inch space on the bookshelf!). The owner rang me up.

At the Fan Thrift: As I listened to two shoppers complain about how They are marking everything at twice what they used to, I spotted the yellow and green Pyrex mixing bowls, marked with ridiculously low prices. Also, I chatted with my hairdresser. The clerk was not especially perky, but she was very, very efficient.


cnb said...

Alrighty... Second try at posting to yer bloogy.

What is this about cheap yellow and green pyrex? Are they the super cool seventies colors that certain super cool librarians who live in the DC area might enjoy? Is there anyway that the hostess and her sweetie might be persuaded to visit the aforementioned super cool librarian so she can see the yellow and green pyrex?

There is a very stylish guest room awaiting your arrival!

Daniel said...

If the supercool DC librarian from DC is not interested in the yellow 'n green Pyrex, the awesomely fab English teacher from Baltimore is, seeing as how his particularly rambunctious orange cat recently destroyed the green part of the set.

In any case, the Wonder Hostess and the supercool librarian are both hereby invited, with sweeties in tow, for Preakness Day--with or without Pyrex.

Lisa said...

Sorry, C, they are primary colors, not 70s colors!

I imagined re-selling them, but now that I know I have a Friend in Need, I will set them aside for you, Dan.

Alas, I work Preakness Day.