Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interesting in Sunday's Washington Post:

The Web's Million-Dollar Typos, about why you might see adds if you mistype your destination in your web browser's address box. Is it trademark infringement, good business, or just tacky? You make the call.

One of the things I do at work is decide if I should add gift books to our collection or put them out for the Friends' Book Sale. Just this week, I decided to give a couple of Harlequins from a series called something like "inspirational suspense." No kidding, cliff-hangers for Christians was the gist of the series name. More on that type of specialization, here.

Night Out

Most of my Richmond girlfriends remain proud of the fact that they don't like to or have time to read blogs. That's all good. Here's a shout out to any that drift over, anyway: Great campfire party for Elaine Friday! The Hostess has one of those big metal bowls for making wood fires on a patio or back lawn that I always though were a little dopey. Actually, it's quite awesome to sit in the yard with comfy chairs, adult food and drink and good friends (and access to Hostess's pretty bathroom).

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