Monday, February 13, 2006

A sometime celeb is getting into Laurie Halse Anderson. I guess I better push her up higher on my list of YA authors to read. Scroll down a good bit, here.

In The News
I suppose a joke at the expense of the vice president would just be shooting fishermen in a barrel? I've never really been a political blogger, anyway.

Capital City weather: Sunny and 40 today; only an inch of snow over the weekend. I have a cold, anyway.


Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

You do know what kind of Quail they were hunting?


Thank you I'm here all week,
enjoy the buffet...

Har har...hardy har har

Seriously though, I think Cheney is upset that he DIDN'T get to kill a man....


CNB said...

Two things:

1. "Speak", by Laura Halse Anderson, is mandatory reading for the Freshman English class here at my school. LAH & her novel have inspired a number of copy-cat books dealing with other so-called "teen issues', rape, cutting, alcoholism, drugs, etc. etc.

Not bad stuff, so read up if you get a chance.

2. Has anyone heard Cheney say he's sorry? Not me!