Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Birding Update

We did spot a variety of species on Sunday evening and ended the GBBC on a high note:

white-throated sparrow
carolina wren
brown creeper
song sparrow
mocking bird
ruby-crowned kinglet
yellow-rumped warbler

Speaking of notes, Found at the Library:

"Sells in Farm every Saturday
Extra money for organic.
A lil harder to grow organically
Why price is higher."
[on torn end of notebook paper, in a grown person's handwriting, probably]

"False for Vicki
False for me
Clicked stop/start
True for me"
[on pink sticky note]

NOT Found
The army green ("with little Air Force patches, in fact" reports big brother) jacket of a small patron. Mother came back in when the two boys couldn't locate it. She yelled at SP a bit (HOW COULD YOU LOSE IT!? WE WEREN'T IN HERE TEN MINUTES?), then snipped at staff a bit.

Though computers were crashing around me, and though the tone of her voice made my shoulders tense up, I had the presence of mind to reply that No, we don't have a "form for when something is stolen or lost in the library," but that I would be happy to call the police -- "The police!" She snorted. "I'm not wasting my time!" -- Or take her name and number and call if it turned up at the library.

Whew: the right answer. Like so many customer service hot-under-the-collar moments, listening and a small action did the trick.

Happy Thinking Day to Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Everywhere!


vickie j said...

How weird! Our local paper said the most common birds observed were grackles, sea gulls and
Canadian geese...I don't even tend to think of those as birds I would document, but I guess every bird counts. :)

Lisa said...

I guess I am in touch with "every bird counts" because one of the things I like about birdwatching is that it can satisfy my aquisitive nature. It's a collection that needs way less space than my dishes or furniture or books. In my head or on paper I can list how many I found -- and that's it.

Of course, birds are also pretty, and I enjoy the challenge of learning to name them, or (ha) identify them by song or call.

Daniel said...

A veritable bird festival in Easterwood Park today, the park that adjoins Carver High in lovely West Baltimore.

Didn't actually take count but: one owl (not sure what SORT of owl), woodpecker (heard but not seen), a rather frighteningly large turkey buzzard, and of course nine zillion crows and a fair complement of seagulls as well.

Lisa said...

Wow, Dan, an urban park owl?! Cool.