Friday, February 24, 2006

It's All Bad News

Among the reasons to avoid the local news: it's all bad. I couldn't avoid the story of our bear loss, though. Two bears who had lived at Maymont were put to sleep because some irresponsible adult let a small child climb a fence, stick its hand through chain link, and get bitten by one of them. (TD coverage, here.) I've never wanted to feed the monster of our litigious society before today. Today, I propose we sue the family for neglecting their child and for taking our bears away from us. At the moment, Maymont says it will work with Game and Inland Fisheries to secure a new bear or two.

In old bad news: Style recently offered an informative seating diagram of General Assembly Delegates permitted to carry concealed weapons.

Okay, okay. Must think of something good to say. I'm home all day while a repairman does some work. It's not a good time for stewing in bad thoughts. Umm. . . . I've been with the library for a year now! The children's librarian says, with a smile, I absolutely can't get away with "I'm new, I can't / don't get how to . . ." any longer. That notwithstanding, I'm going to the library system's New Employee Orientation next week. The county itself has a very nice orientation schedule: new employees always (?) begin on a Wednesday with county employee orientation (very solid presentation) at the training center, then report to our stations on Thursday.

Ha, that's something goofily positive. I do have a surprising feeling of fellowship with other county employees. Whenever I see a county logo on a car or truck, I get a good feeling of the county's work Getting Done. When staff from department x used our meeting room this week, I felt glad to welcome them. Kind of wack, I know, but there you are.

Capital City weather: sunny and 50.
At the Byrd: "Walk the Line" (Oh, maybe it changed over night. That's what we saw Wednesday.)

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Daniel said...

Wow, so many commentable (?) ideas.

First and foremost: Since I heard the news about the Maymont bears, I've been alternating between horrified, disgusted, and sad. Who the hell wouldn't bite someone who'd entered his lair uninvited? Let that be a warning: I bite when provoked.

Secondly (sorry, Lisa) I am venting my job frustration:
"stick it's hand"
That's a contraction for "it is." The possessive form is simply "its."

Finally--and perhaps the most actually important: Congrats on over a year at the library. Keep up the good work! I'll expect to see you presiding over the Dooley any day now.