Sunday, December 05, 2004

I hope this link will stay live for a while: Mom drew National Cookie Day (Dec. 4) to my attention. I baked 2 batches of Christmas cookies this weekend, so I am right on target.

Today, a new aquaintance remarked, "Maryland recently made the calico the state cat"! Excellent. Catly and I may have to move again, after all. (By my count, this is her 7th home in her approximately 15 years, not counting a 3-month stay with Mom.)

On the way to the place where I met the new friend, I passed through Shockoe Bottom, reminding me that I may never have noted here that someone told me that Lovings Produce lost all of its beautiful, candy-colored delivery trucks. Since then, I have seen one or two old ones (they must have been out late that evening), and many shiny, new ones, still candy-colored. A cheerful selection were parked by the market this morning as I wound my way toward Route 5. That trip also afforded me a chance to glance again at the hunks of Richmond's Hills that just slid away during Gaston's rains, and the interesting mid-20th century suburbanish houses in farm territory.

Favorite new float in Christmas Parade
: James River Bus's Shriner-style mini bus

Capital City weather
: bright, low-slanted winter sun, 60 degrees

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