Monday, December 06, 2004


"The Look," is a section in the Sunday Washington Post that uses the man-in-the-street format to highlight a current trend. Generally, the trend featured appears in Richmond at about the same time. This week's feature, though, addresses something the boys at R Middle School (in the east end of the county) have been sporting since at least September: giant, faux diamond earrings.

Here's what the Post (and experts it interviewed) says to those boys, and the dozen or so who haven't got some, yet:

  • "'A big mistake is to adopt a look that does not fit your lifestyle.'"
  • "If you don't work in a creative field, it's best to reserve bigger, flashier earrings for special occasions." Is school a creative field?
  • Wearing diamond studs "with a pendant plus ring plus a bracelet is way too much" Unless I missed the ear studs, Cologne Boy was okay.
  • Wear them with confidence. I would call it "bravado", but, okay, that's a match.

Today at school: I had a favorite former co-worker's daughter! It only took me 1/2 an hour to consider that not many kids have that name, these days, and figure it all out.
Note to self: Even in the name of being a Team Player, don't take a math class again!
Capital City weather: grey, 50s

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