Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Shout out to Carrie, Dan, Brian J for the weekend's hospitality! At the market, I liked the cookies. At the Pratt Library, I liked the new space. At the Baltimore Museum of Art, I liked the Lalique hood ornaments, the Won't paining, and the works by Rosalie Gill. Carrie became interested, briefly, in the Dutch, despite not knowing much about their land. On Sunday, I liked catching up with B & J at the Tastee Diner.

At today's high school: A dense collage (years in the making, surely) of 4-leaf clovers suspended in scotch tape on the top of the lectern. Also, many depressing displays of the chasm between the sexes and the races; a gap that has not been as wide, elsewhere.

Capital City weather: clear and 60 degrees

Shopping News: John's new book is due out in the new year

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