Monday, November 22, 2004


I like driving out to R Middle School. It's on the rural edge of Henrico County, so I pass strip malls, then wooded areas (still pretty, in reds and yellow), and finally swing into a parking lot across from a corn field (harvested weeks ago). As I drove back into town this afternoon, I spotted the first truckload of Christmas trees, waiting to be arranged for sale.

Today, some boys set fire to a trash can in the boy's room (actually, it's marked "Gentlemen"), so we stood outside for 40 minutes or so in the 50 degree damp. I wished I had grabbed my sweater. The real plan today involved a test on energy (kinetic, potential, etc.) and some of those handouts -- you remember! -- in which solving math problems leads you to the correct order for connecting dots (marked 88, 105, 73 -- not in order) to reveal. . . . a turkey on a platter! Whee.

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