Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More Reference
While volunteering this week, I helped one woman determine if RPL has a copy of Armistad (it's at Main; the full title begins "The Voyage of La Armistad..."), and I helped one man register to read the Washington Post. Nothing hard, nothing glamorous, but they were glad. I could not help a young woman figure out why she could not open pictures attached to an e-mail message.

B Middle School
I pulled Instructional Assistant, special ed. duty on Monday. Ms. M. said, as she wrote the date on the board, "Oh, I promised the kids we'd read scary stories in October. I wonder if we should start with 'The Monkey's Paw' or 'The Landlady.'" I indicated that I did not know the later, so the 10 kids laboriously began that one. It's by Roald Dahl, so you know it's good. Ms. M does well having the students pause and predict where the story is headed, or summarize where it has been. I thought she was a little off the mark, though, in explanations like that of the boarding house (she described it as a quaint, American B&B c. 2000, not a British post-war rooms-to-let situation). Ms. K., the social studies teacher may well be new to B: I recall someone much weaker in that room last year. I enjoyed working with both teachers.

Just in case Maggi "outs" me, I better confess. At S&B at her house last night, I started to knit a catnip mouse three times but couldn't get it right! The new kittens in question weren't even interfering. They are precious, as is Wee C, who is a good talker.

On the Muzak at Ukrop's: "Billie Jean" (Jackson); "Let's Dance" (Bowie)
Capital City weather: clear, 40s at night; 70s during day

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