Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I wrote about the WRVA Collection at the State Library several months ago, but I just learned that audio clips are available online.


vj said...

oooooh, creepy--

Listen to the "Sideviews on the News with Jack Clements captures the Richmond police questioning a drunk person"--

The John Wayne sounding cop makes a comment to the African American cab driver-- "He's drunk, boy."

(I'm probably being hyper-sensitive, it just kindof gave me the eeks when he called the guy "boy." )

On a tangent, didn't Alden Aaroe have some kind of duck as a sidekick in the 70's? (Donald Duck ripoff?)
I seem to remember that. It would make sense, seeing that they had a "Capitol Squirrell" way back when.

The thing I remember the most about WRVA was that at Christmastime, they'd play that
instrumental version of "Sleighride" that had the horses clip-clopping hooves, and the screechy
whinny of the horse (a trumpet or some other brass instrument)

Lisa said...

Good memory, V.: Millard the Mallard was a morning show sidekick.

What I remember is an early understanding of a playlist. Dad played WRVA in their room nice and loud so he could hear it while he shaved and got dressed. I couldn't quite hear it until I opened my door. I remember hearing "Rhinestone Cowboy" morning after morning at about the time I was ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

vj said...

Are you scarred from that experience? ;)