Thursday, October 21, 2004

Easy as Pie

Today, I taught history at a brand new high school. I think it's on top of the hunt club where I used to go to horse shows. At least, it has the same name, and, on the way in, I saw nothing but new, planned communities.

You know, if I don't spend the whole block saying, "Daquan sit down" or "Brittenay stop talking," I don't learn the kids' names. In fact, I hardly got to say anything, as their work was to copy notes from the overhead, then read some and answer questions -- and they did it. I had to repeat the directions maybe 4 times, but other places, I usually do it 20. These west enders are better readers than students at RMS. Not one 9th grader called me over to say, "I can find the answer to this," so that I had to say, "Well, skim the headings and see if you see those [exact! same!] words." I was nearly bored. Luckily, honors US History (20th Century!) was at WWI, so I injected a little Red Sox conversation. They knew that in the 19teens people followed their favorite teams by reading the paper and listening to radio.

At the school's library, they were glad to have me shelve about 10 books for them, but that was it. The librarian was co-teaching something, so I couldn't ask her if she got to help select titles and what that was like.

It was just too easy a day. Perhaps tomorrow will balance it out: 6th grade at RMS was my best choice on SubFinder.

Capital City weather: drizzle, 50


Anonymous said...

Imagine a long-time Kitty-goer's surprise when Chocolate walks into her Psych class and drops a bunch of roses on some girl's desk... <3 ~~DRHS student =P

Lisa said...

Yikes! Anonymous Kitty girls haven't been part of my imagined audience for the blog!! While subbing, I've only run into one other camper. I'll have to be even more careful about not dissin' people I meet while teaching....

Imagine my surprise, by the way, that people (parents?) would have flowers delivered to a kid's school. Seems a bit over-the-top.

Anonymous said...

wow when i heard you had been subbing a DRHS i was thinking wow kinda wierd. the other camper told me that she had seen you at school. ever subbe at moncan high school before?
-anonymous camper.