Thursday, May 08, 2003

Hey, Look!
Maggi has posted evidence that I can do some domestic chores.

More on The Hours
My “date,” J. , liked the movie and said: And about it being a "downer": I thought it was a rather uplifting film on the philosophical level on which it was intended -- all about the timeless themes of happiness, living life to the fullest, free will, etc., and about cutting through all the crap that prevents us from realizing these things. It's a contemplative film (not an action film), but not a "downer."
(Rats. He said more, but I don’t seem to have saved it.)

Dan says, how about culture as the key thing that makes one group of kids generally willing to follow rules and respect the adult? I think culture takes race and class into part, and adds on family and peer expectations; it might be the simplified version of the answer. I think I’ll be able to compare cultures of similar age groups after tomorrow’s day at Pocahontas Middle School.

William, who repeatedly disrupted today's 8th grade math class, turned out to really know the material. He did a great job showing the class the right way to do an annoying word problem about carpet (or something) at x for the first 20 square feet, y for the next 10, and z after that.

Interesting Events
The Loews turns seventy-five.

And, I’m going to see the touring version of This American Life on Saturday.

May 24 & 25: the Upper Mattaponi Tribe holds its spring powwow. A dedication will be held onthe 25th (at 12:30?) for the new historical highway marker I researched. The public is invited and I will post details as I know them.

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