Saturday, May 03, 2003

One of those weird convergences has happened, when "everyone" seems to have their minds on the same things. Our Man at The Marble Bar and Adam Gopnik, in The New Yorker, both have something to say about taking the bus. (I think The New Yorker one will go away when the next print issue hits the stands. Maggi says it doesn't work, already: go to your local library and read the old one.)

I wrote a paragraph or so o bus riding on 2/27, to set a smug, cheery tone that I'd have to knock myself down from. (I don't know how to link to the past -- you can use the Archives at left to find it.)

Recently, I've wondered what I might say about the current, dreadful GRTC commercials, and decided: nothing. They're just that dorky.

Capital City Weather: cloudy, temperatures dropping. The Richmond Braves won today, 5-2 over Indianapolis.

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