Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Capital City enjoyed a beautiful spring day, today, with bright blue skies, 70ish temps, and now a nearly-full moon. The honeysuckle in my back alley is about to bloom.

Today I painted the back steps, vacuumed, went to Ukrop’s, got my hair cut, made sweet potato biscuits, bought plates and whatnot for the shower, had dinner with Mom, and went to a program at the Library.

The speaker in tonight’s Richmond Writers series was Linda Rae Johnson, author of Ouachita Girl. She tells tales of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in West Monroe, Louisiana. She opened with a vivid story about how it is when you play Monopoly all afternoon with your sibling, who always buys Baltic and Mediterranean, even though they are no good; and how she always made sure every last card, token, and house got in its right spot in the cardboard divided box. A funny line from another story: Mama told me not to be too worried about Letty having a training bra already in the fifth grade; there’s no trainin them, anyway.

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