Monday, February 17, 2003

Everybody talks about the weather

Here in Capital City, the precipitation fell as sleet, mostly. We have three to four inches accumulation of sleet pellets, with a dash of snow. Hmm, WTVR does not seem to have a camera atop its Broad Street tower any longer. You'll have to settle for a south of the river view from channel 12.

The settle bench on my front porch has holes in the seat, for drainage. Two white cones formed under the central ones, that’s how much like sugar this stuff really is. Out back, alas, things are a bit messier, and I can’t open the alley gate. If I want to take out the garbage, I’ll have to go out the front door, along my street, turn the corner onto Grayland, and go up the first alley. Rowhouse, you know.

On the positive side, when cabin fever drove me to Carytown, I found a number of things open. Coppola's (proscuitto, anyone?), Mongrel, Luxor, The Eatery and Plan 9 were doing business. Places like the fancy housewares shop in the Carillon movie theater and Need Supply Company ("ugly clothes for trendy, skinny teens") were dark. Could it be the other businesses have more of staff in walking distance? I got as far as Plan 9, looked in the "Misc. LPs" bin (no fewer than 3 spoken word records on baseball), bought a used copy of "The Best of Blondie" (as Hospitality Chair of my 15th reunion, I feel obliged to bring some background music), and headed home.

The TV screen crawl indicates that all area shopping malls are closed today.

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