Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Capital City weather: partly sunny, 40, slushy.

My "alma mater" received a generous gift for the renovation of an historic building: click for article. Built in an Italianate style, the Davis House looked rundown fifteen years ago when I worked there and MCV rented it as office space. I remember going to the attic or top floor once, where (could this be?) some collection items were stored. Certainly that's where we found a stuffed eagle -- think taxidermy, not beanie -- which made a few practical joke appearances in the main building one summer.

Driving to Richmond Public Library and Ukrop's Carytown this morning presented only parking challenges: the roads are clear. At times like this, drivers have three parking choices. One can park on packed slush; blast through the wall of plowed snow to a blank spot (the nature of this storm meant that the blank spot, where someone was parked when it started, could have lots of bare asphalt); or park too far from the curb, where a plow swung into a few car-less spaces as it passed. Downtown, I chose the latter; at the ‘krops, I lucked into a plowed spot.

Tomorrow, Mom and I go to the Maymont Flower and Garden Show.

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