Friday, February 07, 2003

Capital City weather: snow and rain over night, flurries at breakfast time. At the Byrd: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” which I just saw for full price because I thought it would never get to the Byrd.

Yesterday, I saw a shape note singing performace by the Richmond Sacred Harp Singers. The old fashioned harmonies make hymns go down easy. I haven't yet figured out how to make links on words, so click here for their Home Page and learn more.

I never thought I’d miss Montel’s “who’s this baby’s daddy?” shows, but here’s something that is perhaps not more depressing, but certainly is harder to watch. Today’s gimmick: “Cash for Trash,” or what junk of your mate’s would you like to ditch? A woman just bullied her husband out of a handmade ladder-back chair that’s been in the family for over 100 years. Cutesy video footage shows her putting it on the curb with the trashcans. Family tradition tells of parents turning the chair over so toddlers could push it along as they learned to walk. He agreed to give it up (she let him keep an 18th century tall clock), and she got to pick “door number one” with a cash prize and an ugly recliner. He looks a bit grim; she’s hair-flipping smug.

And here’s a woman who gave up a 25-cent yard sale vase (the appraiser deems it worth 20 bucks or so) for Valuable Prizes.

All parties seem happy, and I suppose I should be, too, because all I need to do is keep an eye on these people’s curbs and I’ll be able to stock our case at the antiques mall.

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