Thursday, February 23, 2012

Speed of Change

Some teen staff met yesterday and one thing semi-hashed out was a Facebook page for library teen stuff. I feel like we've been asking for it forever; I started telling the kids "soon" in November or so -- which was totally my bad. Attention-to-Detail Boy asks me about it every single time he sees me. Then he tells me it's not hard to do; he can help.

Before that, we'd been asking for a blog for forever, so kids could type in their own words and see them, instantly. We don't call it a "blog," but what we have is nice and it allows teen staff and kids under our supervision and sign in to make changes and share stuff instantly. We've had it up for a year, now.

What I'd nearly forgotten about was the struggle before that to have a regular webpage for teens assigned and designed - that must have been eons ago that we were satisfied with that. Well, I'm tossing old meeting notes and one page is sticky note-flagged: April 2009 we hashed out the contents. Not even three years ago and it's already a dated platform.

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