Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ref Grunt

- She wants to give me her credit card to look up library card number; -No, it needs to be a picture ID. Sighs, goes to car, returns with her library card
- Got a guy going on the resume template in Word rather than show him how to make it stop double spacing. And now I have changed my mind and gave him a blank page again. (Help him several more times. Yay, he got it printed before being timed out! Aw - typos; at work again.)
- Horoscope Man called: read Taurus, Libra, Capricorn to him.
- Needs books for college-level work: WorldCat indicates they are held by universities, except one is in the City library. Give her their address, hours.
- Computer available? x3
- W00T! Question about a book, before hour 2 on desk.
- Copier
- Nicholas Sparks book about (with?) his brother
- Sign thingie for FedEx driver: small Demco box. I'm guessing some kind of spine labels.
- Add money to card to print
- Confession: I might have bent a rule if he hadn't approached the desk and said "Hey sweetheart, I need a computer."
- Holds

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