Monday, July 06, 2009

Vacation Slides

Oooooh, eight carousels! We're in for a real treat!
-- Marge welcomes her sisters, laden with slides of their latest trip,
``Krusty Gets Busted''

For most of the 20th century, wags made a standing joke of vacation slides (snaps, photos, lantern slides - what you will). No one wants to see them, everyone goes on about theirs for too long, most people don't weed out the bad shots, etc., etc. While I was a curator for a photo collection, and I did write a paper once on family photo albums, I am no more eager than anyone else to watch you struggle with a screen and finding the replacement bulb so I can share in the wonders of your tip to Paris.

Yet here in the 21st century, with Facebook (and to some extent blogs or Flickr), I often click over to see more photos of botanical gardens in distant state or children I never met playing at the beach. What gives?

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