Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It seems the T-D apologized for its role in massive resistance. Too little too late? "Rats on a sinking form of media" is a totally messed up metaphor, right?

Let's see: "The hour was ignoble"; "complicit"; "regret" -- okay, about what I expected. What's this? "Memories remain painful. Editorial enthusiasm for a dreadful doctrine still affects attitudes toward the newspaper." Ha! Maybe I got close with "sinking media." After all, I have, one or twice, repeated my mother's words to phone salespeople: "No, I don't want to subscribe to your lousy right-wing rag."

But if I forgive them "right-wing" because of this July 16 editorial, will they next address the "lousy" part?

via Encyclopedia Virginia Blog.


Janet said...

Hooray for the T-D.

Always so current with the times, huh?

By the way, my word verification below, which I'll share because I think it's really funny, is "swartf".

MonkeyDogStudio said...

How funny! The day after I comment about the RTD, they start to follow me on Twitter.