Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ref Desk Random

Helpless Job-Applier is here, again.

I tell overweight woman I will not do anything about the body odor of the man next to her. I point out other PCs available.


Books she placed on hold an hour ago.


How to print.

Stormy: Misty's Foal



Surprise a 60-something with the news that fiction is arranged by the author's last name.

City map.


Distinguished Alumnus of this Lib calls; I put him on hold to check something for him. When I pick up again, he notes that our hold music sounds "spacey" -- like Dr. Who. Awesome.

And now, Angry Facebooker is here. . . I'm stopping this list before I cry!


Matt said...

Never thought of myself as "distinguished"...thanks!

Lisa said...

You're welcome! I couldn't remember what kind of blogging handle you had, so I went Classy.

Penn Graphite said...

I have heard 'sartorial' bandied around when referring to MP.