Friday, June 05, 2009


Library Journal
's "Library by Design" insert features the new Darien Library on the cover. Notes LJ, of the "contemporary version of the classic 'schoolhouse chair[s],'" teens have "remarked how [the furniture] reminds them of Hogwarts." LJ features pictures in another room with long tables that match those chairs, but this picture gives you the idea.

I love that -- that a book (okay, probably the movie more so) could make young people love what used to be thought of as stuffy and old fashioned! I grew up with chairs like these in my schools, and the public library probably had something like this, only in brown or orange. Everything was brown and orange and yellow in the 70s. Even while the the houses all around us were Colonial revival (or at least inspired) furniture in public spaces was bland-to-modern. I don't think I ever saw "classic schoolhouse" or library furniture until college. (OK, it didn't look like that when I was there. This picture is from last year; the table more so than the chairs is the look I remember.)

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