Tuesday, February 10, 2009


While my coworkers talked to a cranky fellow, I helped a small girl look up James and the Giant Peach. I walked with her to the shelves - "Okay, here's the beginning of the alphabet: Cs, D-A . . . oh, there he is, on the bottom shelf. Do you see James?" She reached out a hand, "No one more over. But all those books are by the same man."

- What's this one?!

With no dust jacket the cover was worn, but I could tell it was The BFG and said so.



Anonymous said...

The Big [expletive] Gun?

...and since when do you play DOOM?


Lisa said...

Doom? Hunh?

Re BFG, see abstract, here.

Anonymous said...

"Doom"... first-person-shooter video game. The player fights hordes of undead with a variety of personal weapons ranging from fists and chainsaws to the ultimate firearm, the BFG-9000, which is, as it's initials suggest, a Big F... um, Friendly.. Gun.